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Frequently asked questions

How much does full service catering cost?

There are four main costs in catering. These are: Food per person, beverage consultancy per person, staffing, and rentals. Smaller costs include food tax sales (NYC sales tax is 8.875%) as well as truck rental and ice delivery for larger events. There are different tiers of per person pricing starting $65, and as high as $225 per person and above. Your per person cost depends on the complexity of your menu, luxury ingredients, and guest count. These prices include our state of the art chef equipment and any of our beautiful stone and wood items for passing or serving your food. We have a $2,500 event minimum for small parties under 25 guests.

Do you offer beverages?

We offer beverage consultancy, ordering assistance, cocktail curation, fresh mixers & garnishes, speciality ice and cocktail equipment. We do not have a liquor resale license and so we cannot purchase your product or bring it to your event. We can however do everything else, and let you know exactly how much to order and from where, as well as providing certified bartenders and mixologists. Our head mixologist Eve Allen is a globe trotting ethnobotanist and plant researcher. Inquire about speaking with her to design your beverages! 

Why is food priced per person?

Food is priced per person because there are a lot of costs that are combined here, and it is easier for the client. For example we have a certified kitchen which has overhead to make it run, as well as three to four chefs for two to three days of work for larger events, who are all paid out of this food cost. 

Do you have insurance? Are you certified?

Yes. We are not playing games here! It is important that everyone is protected against any possible event that could go wrong. We have general liability up to 1,000,000, as well as workers compensation and disability, food handlers permit, and a fully certified kitchen. Our insurance documents can be found at the bottom of this page, by clicking the link. We do not have liquor liability insurance as we do not purchase alcohol for our clients, but can provide certified bartenders, as well as purchase temporary liquor licenses for the day of your event if needed. 

What is the process like in creating an event?

It all starts with an email or phone call. Once we talk about your food wishes, it is important to get some of the basic details out of the way. How many guests? From when to when? Where is it? What is your budget? Once we answer those questions I will start working on your menu, and send you something asap. From there we agree on a final menu, and for larger events or weddings once a deposit is placed set up a complimentary tasting upon request at our Tribeca home office. We also assist you by helping to work on a rental order for your event, as well as decide how many staff you need and beverage packages. Then, depending on the size of your event a date is set for a 50% deposit on your event. This is usually a month ahead for larger events, or a week ahead for smaller ones. The remainder of your payment is submitted a week before for larger events, or the day before for smaller ones. 

Do you work with any venues?

Yes we do! Most of our events are in NYC, so we have a lot of spaces that we are familiar with here as well as upstate NY, Long Island and Connecticut. We also do events in NJ. We are always happy to recommend the perfect venue for your event. We are the preferred caterer for several beautiful wedding venues in upstate NY, and the exclusive caterer for Van Der Plas gallery in the lower east side.  

Do you offer event design?

Yes and no. We handle all of the items that are for our food displays like platters and bowls etc.. and even offer affordable family style service packages. As far as flowers, we have an excellent in house floral/succulent planter program where we create small planters that double as party favors. Guests can take them home and they last for years! We work with several amazing event designers so just let us know the type of design you are looking for and we will connect you with the correct person.

How do we choose a menu?

It all starts with asking our clients what foods they like, cultural inspirations, or any themes for the event. We offer a wide range of home cooked foods from all over the world which we gather from our yearly travels abroad. Click the travel tab at the top of the website to see where we have been! Other then that we have lists of menu items for our clients to choose from for those that do not have time to create their own custom menu. However we love creating custom menus for each client, and thinking outside the box! We encourage you to be a part of the creative process. 

How does payment work? Are there any taxes?

We accept all forms of payment, although we prefer checks or direct deposits. For credit cards we take payments through PayPal and there is an additional fee for that service. All checks should be made out to Edenopolis LLC. Upon receiving any payment your proposal will be immediately updated to record the date and amount received and sent to you electronically as a receipt. We are required by state law to collect 8.875% sales tax on all taxable items. Certain services such as rentals, staffing, and other outside vendor sales are either non taxable or already have sales tax included in them from the vendor. 

How does staffing work?

As a rule of thumb, we like to allow at least two hours to set up any event, regardless of its complexity. For larger events such as weddings we need at least four, depending on how much set up there is. Staff are also paid one way travel time for events out of NYC. There is also one hour of break down at the end of any event. A typical event runs for about five hours, which makes the average staff time a total of seven hours in NYC. All staff are $45/hr with a five hour minimum. Our staff are all highly trained and have worked with us for years, many of them are also close friends. You may request male or female staff and for them to be dressed as you like within reason. The typical choices that all staff members own are black and white, black on black, and for more casual engagements jeans and button up. Most staff are hired through a staffing agency which bills you directly, and are also all protected by their insurance. We try our best to never over or under staff any event, and make sure that they arrive and leave on time. Final staff hours are calculated at the end of the event, and any overages or balances are settled the next day via PayPal or at the event. Gratuities are completely optional and can be sent the next day to be distributed for larger groups. We do not accept any cash the day of your event. 

Do you offer event rentals?

Yes and no. We have an excellent in house collection of wooden and stone rentals, which you can see under our philosophy tab, and clicking two images to the left. We only provide things for our stationary food displays, passing food trays, and family style bowls and platters. Usually these are included in your food cost per person, but we also charge a low flat fee for larger family style events that need lots of bowls and platters. We do not offer chairs, tables, linen, silver, glassware, or any larger items. For all of these items we work with several excellent rental vendors and provide complimentary rental assistance. The vendor will charge you directly and we take no commission. Usually for larger events the rentals are dropped off the morning of and picked up the next day. 

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