Grazing table, weddings and events.

Who we are

  • We create memorable food experiences.

  • Our legendary grazing tables are never the same twice, and are curated for your celebration.

  • Each year, we travel the world to research home cooked food and culture. We use those experiences and your food wishes to curate a custom menu.


  • Chef Richard caters only a few events per week, to give each celebration the attention and planning it deserves.

  • We care about where your food comes from, traditional  food culture, sustainability, and bringing people together.


  • Food is very important to us, and we do not take any shortcuts.


  • We us local, seasonal, and organic products from small vendors for each event.

  • No GMO or factory farmed foods, high quality  oils, salts, and spices.


  • We are constantly on the hunt for new and exciting vendors, and are proud to tell you where we get our products from.

  • ​Whether it is mozzarella from America's oldest cheese shop, or hydroponic greens grown in our neighborhood, we love ingredients that tell a story.

"Farm One" microgreens and edible flowers.
Wedding catering, Handsome Hollow NY.

Cooking with fire

  • We are proud to continue to honor

       this primordial form of cooking.


  • We can set up our kitchen anywhere in nature and are completely self sufficient.


  • We can set up large grills, spits, and earth ovens to roast whole chickens and fish, pork shoulders, prime rib roasts, and fresh seasonal vegetables.


  • Food tastes better cooked over a live fire and evokes an emotional reaction.

  • In each country chef Richard travels to he studies its form of traditional fire cooking by making connections in the local community.




  • Our grazing tables are the best in the business.

  • Each edible display is customized for the occasion, and nothing is impossible.


  • We love the feeling of abundance, color, and exploring the concept of food being art. 

  • We create bespoke dessert sculptures and tables to fit any request and design.

  • Each table includes trained staff to assist in servicing guests, cleaning, and replenishment. Your table will look stunning all night. 

  • Tables include: Small bites, canapés, seasonal fruits and vegetables, cured meats, cheeses, homemade spreads and preserves, artisanal crackers, fresh bread, and surprises for your guests.

  • Check out our Instagram for more examples of our work. We have a large collection of vintage silver, wooden, and stone display pieces which we include for no additional cost.


Peccorino Romano, Greenwich Polo Club.
Homemade marshmellow, Japan.


  • We believe the highest form of cuisine is mastering recipes that are cooked in the home, and passed down for generations.


  • Whether it's homemade corn tortillas with squash blossoms in Oaxaca, Japanese hotpot with freshly gathered mushrooms, or a Peruvian potato soup cooked over a eucalyptus fire, we will find it, eat it, and cook it for you.

  • Our passion is hunting down traditional recipes that are regionally important to local cultures around the world. Learn more about our travels here.

  • Although exact recipes are good for storing information, we believe in the philosophy of cooking by touch. This allows us to continue improving our recipes each time we cook them, challenge ourselves, and pay more attention to our senses.

Event planning

  • We work with the top event venues, staffing companies, rental specialists, food purveyors, bartending services and more.

  • The art of accomplishing a successful event is where everyone involved works together harmoniously and joyfully to exceed the expectations of the client.

  • We build relationships with vendors that we genuinely respect and trust, and who enjoy working with us.

  • At the end of the day no one person makes an event a success, we all rely on each other.

  • Although we focus on food, we are happy to extend to you our list of preferred vendors. For detailed event planning and design Jove Meyer is the best in NYC

Outdoor event, Monroe NY.
Sushi master lesson, Japan.

Chef Richard

  • Richard believes that it is the farmers and food artisans that are the stars of the show.

  • As a global food researcher, he prides himself on finding the best the world has to offer and sharing that with his clients.

  • He enjoys seeking out speciality vendors and creating connections with them built on appreciation and trust. 

  • As a born and raised New Yorker, Richard worked for many restaurants and catering companies before becoming a private chef, and ultimately creating Edenopolis events.

  • It is the job of the chef to not obscure the purity of ingredients with cooking techniques and spices but to present what has already been created by nature.

  • In over fifteen years working as a chef Richard has never recorded or followed a recipe exactly. He believes in the method being in tune with his senses and cooking by touch, even with breads and desserts.