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These are some of our favorite set menus. For custom requests, please create an event here.


This table is inspired by those who like to go way over the top. This table is bursting with luxury items, and premium high quality ingredients.

Cheeses: Gold covered brie with honeycomb and edible flowers. Truffle tremor cheese with sliced black truffles, three year aged parmesean reggiano with parmesean crisps.


Protein: 24 hour slow cooked prime rib roast with balsamic glaze and fried shallots, cured ham from Spain, aged prosciutto, foie gras. 


Fruits: Cotten candy grapes, witches finger grapes, dragon fruit.


Vegetables: Heirloom tomatoes, endive, white asparagus tips. 


Spreads: Roasted pepper hummus with African baby peppers, basil pesto, olive tapenade, fig jam, butter sculptures.


Canapés: Sturgeon caviar, creme fraiche, bellini. Tropical mango lobster salad in endive leaf. 


Bread: Sourdough olive and raisin nut loafs, fig crackers. 


Snacks: Toasted hazelnuts, dried apricots. 


Desserts: Assorted macaroons, petit fours, and chocolate truffles. 



This table is for the people who want globally inspired food from around the world! 

Cheeses: Parmesan waterfall, brie tower with raspberry puree, raspberries, and matcha tea. 

Meats: Pepperoni and French meat tarrine, teriyaki whole roasted salmon with seaweed salad and pickled ginger.

Canapés: Thai spring rolls with red pepper, glass noodles, and shizo. Chicken peanut saté with crumbled peanuts. Caprése skewers. Butternut squash pizza flatbreads.

Spreads: Tzatziki sauce, hummus, babaganoush, Chinese "Angry Grandmother" sauce, Italian pesto.

Fruits: Dragon fruit, mango, golden grapes with gooseberries.

Vegetables: Rainbow tomatoes, carrots, and watermelon radishes.

Desserts: Chinese moon cakes, Mochi, mini assorted chocolate truffles. 


This menu is inspired from our many clients in Tribeca (our home) over the years. It has an emphasis on beautiful and neat food, that is health conscious.

Cheeses: Gold covered brie with honeycomb and edible flowers, truffle tremor cheese with shaved black truffles. 


Meats: Prosciutto, sliced filet mignon.


Bread: Sourdough crackers, fig and nut crackers, green olive sourdough bread, raisin nut sourdough bread. 


Spreads: Grain mustard, tzatziki sauce, hummus, pesto, olive oil. 

Canapés: Spinach feta pies, salmon tartare on endive leaf, fruit kebabs with pistachio and honey.

Vegetables: Rainbow carrots, tomatoes, watermelon radish, Greek olives.


Fruits: Purple candy dream grapes, blackberries. 


Desserts:  Mini petit four desserts including chocolate hazelnut, lemon, burnt orange and custard. 



These are some of the most popular options from our many corporate clients. They are things that are designed to wow, be light hearted and silly, crowd pleasing, dietary option conscious, and easy to serve. There is something for everyone!

Cheeses: Deconstructed cheddar waterfall with cheddar bunnies, brie tower with black sesame and dark chocolate. 

Proteins: Sliced pepperoni and salami, roasted salmon cubes with honey mustard glaze fresh dill, green olives, and artichoke hearts. Cured lox, whole roast beef and ham carving sandwich station. 

Dips/spreads: Hummus, pesto, olive tapenade, tzadziki (for spinach pies), grain mustard and aioli (for beef), olive oil, butter.

Vegetables: Rainbow carrots, watermellon radishes, rainbow tomatoes, pickles, cucumbers, endive leaves.

Canapés: Spinach pies, butternut squash pizza flatbreads.

Fruits: Black and red grapes, blackberries. 

Breads: Sourdough breads, sea salt crackers, GF crackers.

Desserts: Assorted chocolate truffles on dark chocolate shards, white chocolate gravel, vegan chocolate brownie tower.


From years working in summer beach houses, these are our clients top picks. For this table, our chefs cook fresh meats and veggies on your grill to be replenished throughout the evening! 

Protiens: Italian sausages, hot dogs, sliced ribeye steaks, tropical lobster salad. 


Cheeses: Fresh mozzarella, parmesean, ricotta with honey and black pepper.


Spreads: Pesto, yellow and grain mustards, ketchup, BBQ sauce, Tzatziki sauce.


Vegetables: All grilled - Zuchini, baby sweet pepers, corn on the cob, green onions. Fresh endive leaves and heirloom tomatoes.


Fruits: Summer champagne grapes, strawberries, peaches, watermellon.


Canapés: Mini lobster rolls, watermelon feta lime skewers. 


Accompnaments: Sourdough olive and raisin breads, butter, sourdough crackers. 


Desserts: Grilled peaches with bourbon, strawberry cheesecake tower. 

ben lake.jpeg


This table is a collection of all the most popular breakfast items! Most popular for corporate clients hosting large gatherings, but also high quality enough for baby showers and fancy brunch parties. 

Fresh pastries: Croissants, danishes, bagels, muffins, doughnuts, and sourdough breads. 


Spreads: Grass fed butter, single serve strawberry jam jars, peanut butter, greek yogurt jars, honey, maple syrup, whipped cream cheese, scallion whipped cream cheese.


Protien: Smoked salmon sides, mini quiches, prosciutto, ham, hard boiled eggs, brie, cheddar. 


Fruits: Grapes, strawberries, blueberries, apples, mini oranges. 


Vegetables: Sliced tomatoes, sliced red onions, rainbow carrots, fresh dill, capers. 


Beverages: Hot boxed coffee, milks, sugar, bottled water, mini fresh orange juice, sparkling beverages.


Accompaniments: Granola, dried apricots, almonds.


All of our favorite Italian foods! Three year aged parmesan, prosciutto, and speciality products from Italy. 


Cheese: Deconstructed three year parmesean wheel, fresh mozzerella, ricotta. 


Meat: Whole Prosciutto leg carving station, mortodella, pepporoni.


Bread: Filone, olive sourdough, Italian olive oil crackers.


Canapés: Butternut squash pizza flatbreads, Caprese skewers. 


Spreads: Pesto, olive tapenade, white bean salad, olive oil. 


Vegetables: Endive, tomatoes, basil, roasted eggplant, roasted artichokes. 


Fruits: Green and yellow grapes, figs, sliced melons. 


Desserts: Chocolate hazelnut spread, biscotti, Italian lemon cake, honeycomb.

IMG_3051 2.JPG
Brie with rose petals and bee pollen.jpg


Our top picks for food from the Middle East! In our opinion one of the top places for room temp luxurious foods in the world. 


Cheeses: Feta, labaneh, brie with rose petels, fig, and pistachio. 


Spreads: Baba ghanoush, hummus, tzatziki. 


Meats: Rack of lamb with ras al hanout, Pastirma, Beef Fatayer pies. 


Vegetables: Radishes, carrots, tomatoes, sweet peppers. 


Fruits: Black grapes, figs, perserved lemon, lemons, pomegranate. 


Desserts: Baklava, candied lemon peels, turkish delight. 


Additional: Spinach pies, fig jam, olive oil, fig crackers, Israili pita bread, Israili pickles, Greek olives. 


Our beautiful passed canapés are made fresh table side. Guests love to watch our chefs at work!  

Fig and goat cheese with fig jam on a fig cracker with microgreens.

Caprese skewer with heirloom tomato, fresh mozzarella, and opal basil with balsamic reduction.

Serrano ham with manchego and roasted red pepper dip on a herbed cracker. 

Japanese tuna teriyaki tartare on a black sesame cracker and pickled ginger. 

Assorted sushi rolls like salmon avocado, spicy tuna, and vegetarian.

Butternut squash flatbreads with onion, sage, and parmesean.

Mini desserts like petit fours, truffles, fruit kebabs, and cream puffs. 


Please inquire for more options. 

fish tacos.jpg


We offer home cooked recipes from around the world. All the preparation is done ahead of time in our kitchen, but the cooking is done freshly on site. We rent grills, ovens, or use the kitchen you have to create restaurant quality food, instead of cooking ahead of time. For large events, logistics and efficiency are the key components to success.  This is why we suggest simple menus with just a few options done to a high degree of quality. Leave the complexity for your feasting table!

  • Plated dinners - Multiple courses of food. 

  • Buffet style - Large lines of food with different options.

  • Family style - Bowls and platters down your table to share.

  • Chef stations - Buffets offering only one dish.

  • Fully themed pop up restaurants.

Porchetta sandwich station with herbed compound butter seen here.


This is a great option for smaller groups or intimate home gatherings. We believe that the best hot food is cooked fresh, so we do not prepare food that is meant to be hot ahead of time. We have a talented team of chefs from around the world that offer a variety of home cooked dishes. This is a great compliment to our feasting tables, offering an interactive guest experience! 

  • Holidays (Thanksgiving dinner seen here).

  • Surf and turf - Steaks, lobster, whole fish, scallops, seafood. 

  • BBQ parties - Burgers, veggie burgers, sausages, local veggies.

  • Global cuisine - Greek, Italian, Southern American and more.

  • Farm to table - Locally sourced ingredients to your specifications.

  • Slow cooked meats - Prime rib, pulled pork, brisket etc. 

  • Fresh canapés - Tartare, carpaccio, sushi, fried items.

  • Salads - Simple recipes from around the world. 



Besides full size desserts, we also offer bite size dessert canapés. This is great if you want your guests to have a large variety. If you want something that we don't provide, we can source it from the highest quality bakeries, or the bakery of your choice. Let us know what you would like and we will make it happen!


The picture to the left is a vanilla bean cheesecake tower with strawberry sauce, surrounded by a variety of chocolate truffles, on a gravel of white and dark chocolate chips. 



Looking to go over the top? This is the same as a grazing table but composed of 100% sweets. This is good for large corporate events and weddings who want a separate table for desserts.


We are proud to be partners with the amazing Cup Bearer team! Working together, we can create landscapes of beverages, food, and flowers offering high end cocktails and self serve beverage options. All rentals as well as custom made bars are included as well as the best bartenders in the business. Visit the cup bearer here on their website or on Instagram to see huge towers of champagne, trick bartenders, interactive guest mixology, performance artists and so much more. Here you can choose the cocktails you want, as well as snacks or a full on feast to be woven together seamlessly. Tables are a combination of self serve as well as assisted by service staff to help pour wine, champagne, beer, or speciality cocktails. 

Don't want to go all out? We can help you hire bartending staff from our temp agency instead, and you can BYOB.

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