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Bonjour! I am now in Paris learning and eating the best French food I have ever had. I am thrilled to experience the pastry, cheese, bread, coffee, fine meats and veggies of France. I am also now working for la belle Assiette in Paris as a private chef. It is a lot of fun to explore the different markets to find the best ingredients! I will be here until the 8th of October, and then its off to Spain, then India! So far most notably has been the cheese. You eat your meal, then dessert, then after an amazing cheese plate with four or five cheeses. The brie melts in your mouth. I had an amazing experience eating with my new french friends in a local joint. The food was cooked right in front of us on a straw burning grill. We ate a beef stew with green beans and potatoes. Simple. Elegant. Perfect. Afterwards we strolled around going into each and every bakery that looked good…which was two on every block. The thing about French food is, it is not complicated, it is precise. Everything is done just the way they would like it to be, every time. It is their passion and love. Another great way to experience the food in Paris is to walk around one of the many market places during the day. There you can find anything you desire from French food and also local produce from farmers around the area.

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