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Wow. What an incredible journey. After arriving in Delhi from Katmandu, Nepal, we flew to Varanasi. Besides drifting along the ganges, and weaving our way through traffic in a flimsy rickshaw, we ate, and ate a lot. Among my favorite dishes was saag paneer, chana dal, and jeera rice. It was good to taste authentic Indian foods and experience the dense culture. From there we went to Rishikesh where good food, ex pats, and Yoga was plentiful. We hopped from one restaurant to another trying to find the best of a few of my favorite Indian dishes, chana dall, and saag paneer. Finally, we found the restaurant that we would satisfy my quest for the best, where we would eat at for the next couple weeks, Nirvana Cafe. I interned here and learned a wealth of knowledge about fresh Indian breads, curries, and much more. I exchanged some knowledge about American food as I typically do in these situations, brushing up their french fry, pizza, and omelette abilities for the benefit of the weary tourist. After returning to Delhi via train and flying back to NYC, this three and a half month expedition going from Paris to Amsterdam, Spain, Morocco, Barcelona, Nepal, and finally, India is at an end. I hope you enjoyed my trip and thank you for reading.

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