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We flew from Barcelona into Katmandu, and from there went into the mountains. We traveled from town to town trying the many local dishes like “mo mo’s” which are basically chinese dumplings. Finally we arrived to a special mountain farm run by a woman Judith and her husband Jim. They run an eco farm dedicated to researching new organic growing methods and how they compare to more common growing practices. They receive funding for this project and teach the local Nepal people how to grow different veggies. It was here that was to be my playground for the next couple weeks. Each day we would go into their vast garden and pick some fresh veggies to create experimental dishes. Sometimes we would just go for the traditional like a good Dal fry or french vanilla eclairs. It turns out that at the local home-stay nearby where we were staying was the best food we would ever eat in Nepal. Usually that is how it is, no matter how fancy the restaurant is, the home cooking is usually the best.

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