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Oh what a pleasure Spain has been. After coming from Amsterdam I traveled all around the south of Spain and eventually met up with my girlfriend. We then ate Tapas non stop for weeks in Tarifa, where the quality of meat and produce in general is outstanding. I have been learning a lot about the culture and about how to make all the traditional Tapas. My favorite is the local ham sliced super thin. The cheese, bread, and well almost everything they make is exceptional. They really care about their food. My other favorite is Patatas Bravas! These are boiled then baked potato chunks smothered in two sauces, a spicy tomato and a homemade aioli! YUM. Next we went to Barcelona. What a beautiful city, a real mix of old and new. The most common type of restaurant I would eat in here sold something called “Pinchos” which are a type of tapas. These are ready made one bites, which is usually something on a piece of bread. Most of the places sold one euro Pinchos and 2 euro glasses of wine, so you could just hop from one restaurant to another instead of sitting down for dinner. The flavors of Barcelona are bold and traditional, and are reminiscent of Southern Spanish with a French and Catalan influence. I will from now on offer traditional Pincho beach parties where different stands are set up serving different Tapas to your guests for a real authentic experience! Of course it would not be authentic without lots of wine.

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