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We arrived in Bangkok and stayed there for four days, sampling the local cuisine, before we headed north to Chaing Mai. For a week, we explored the area on our mopeds seeking out authentic Thai food, and riding elephants. From there we flied to the island of Koh Phagnan, and after visiting its neighboring islands of Koh Tao and Koh Samui, we settled in Koh Phagnan for the next three weeks.

Where we settled was at a wonderful retreat center called The sanctuary, which was a health and detox restaurant, hotel, and oasis on the south side of the island, only accessible by boat. I ended up working as a restaurant consultant for this place, shaping up the kitchen, service, and food for the coming busy season. Overall, our experience in Thailand was amazing. The food is incredible and like no other in the world. The flavors are bold and competing, sour and spicy, with lots of fresh herbs and veggies.

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