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On a whim, I decided to fly down south for the winter, literally. Here in Asheville my cousins and friends brought me to one restaurant after another. This is totally a foodie town. Nestled in a fertile valley surrounded by green mountains, this city has become a hot spot for green restaurants. One of the great things about green restaurants is that they usually use local ingredients. Because of the fresh produce and animal products, this town can whip up some amazing southern cuisine. Besides grits n gravy, the American need for novelty has attracted many amazing chefs from around the world, to bring this town a little of everything. One rainy day last week I decided to go with my friend down to South Carolina for some Crabbing, Shrimping, and Oyster hunting! Before you get too excited, we did not catch any crabs or shrimp, but I did manage to harvest a ton of amazing oysters in a kayak at low tide, check it out from start to finish below!

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