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A less known about culinary powerhouse, Croatia boasts some of the best seafood and most expensive truffles in the world. We decided to come here after our stay in Rome because we were running out of our three month visa in the E.U. and Croatia is one of the most awesome close by places we could fly to. We had three weeks to be in the country before venturing north to the U.K. so we kept it simple and went to two locations: Split and Istria. In the city Split we found the most amazing seafood and ancient coastal castles. In Istria country we stayed at an amazing air BnB, “the spaceship”. This lovely family dubbed their out of the way cliffside home this name due to it being on the top of a small mountain, and the artistic, silly, loving nature of the three little boys, the master baker mom, and the master chef and artist dad. They grew their own veggies, olives, goat milk, eggs, baked bread, and their friends made the most delicious red wine of the deepest color purple. We ate together as a family for every meal. Other then this we took a trip up another mountain to a small town which is known for their white truffles, and guess what, they were in season! We basically ate a few meals with truffles shaved on top of every dish. Fresh white truffles are tasty, but the real allure is the smell, which I think is like a fragrant flower mixed with butter. We regret that we did not have enough time to see more of this beautiful country, and we will definitely return.

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