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England and Wales

Fish and chips. Bangers and mash. Crumpets. This is what people usually expect when they hear of eating in England, and to be honest for the most part they are right. But it can be good… so good.. and there is so much more. For example lets take the beer for example, every place you go to in England has local microbreweries that make amazing brews. Also it is an island so if you look hard enough, fresh seafood is not far away. We started by spending the first night in London at one of my client’s house from Tribeca in NY. She is lovely and was happy to put us up for the night before we pushed on to Birmingham the next day. London is pretty, like NY but no high rises, and lots of beautiful brown stones. There is good food here from all over the world. When we arrived in Birmingham we were there for Eve’s school (which is why we were in Rome) and so I left her there to study and pressed on to Wales! I stayed in Aberystwyth for about a week with an awesome couchsurfer and met some amazing people! There was also bonfire night when I was there where people from all over the U.K. celebrate a dude that tried to burn down parlement by burning fires on the beach and setting off fireworks, very fun. I learned about Welsh cakes which are between a pancake and a biscuit with raisins that you eat with your coffee, and Scoul, a traditional lamb stew. Again, ridiculously good local beer and fresh seafood in Wales also. I then went north to a lovely little town called Shrewsburry, then to Liverpool back in England again where I stayed and got acquainted with crumpets and jam baked fresh, Scouse, a traditional Liverpoolian beef stew with beets and turnips, and amazing locals. I was shown an awesome time, and “Shenanigans” is the best bar in the world.

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