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Truly a magical place. Of all the places I visited in Greece, the island of Crete was my favorite. There is so much good food being grown on this island, to the point where they don’t even know what organic means because its just the way they have always done things. The markets are fantastic, I still clearly remember walking through the densely packed rows of vendors all selling locally grown produce like homemade yogurt, raw cheeses, veggies, and of course the best olive oil. The oil is so good in fact that you can drink a half a cup of it without your thought burning. We worked as head chefs and restaurant consultants for a really cool restaurant called “Soul Kitchen” making Greek vegetarian, raw, and vegan food. There we were blessed to learn hands on some great local dishes, as well as learning though eating around town. If you are here, go to Stella’s Kitchen! Best food I had in Greece, and such a wonderful person, I learned so much from her little restaurant.

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