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It is always a pleasure to visit the hometown of my father, and my grandmother. Here, stooped upon a steep hill along the rim of the outer districts that look down on the city, my grandmother is cooking. I was always impressed by her food, simple yet absolutely perfect. Wienershnitzel, potatoes with butter and parsley, and Sachertorte cake are some of the traditional gems of Austria. Here you may also find plentiful amounts of sour kraut, sausage, beer, and of course singing.We visited my grandma, ate some pastries that are better then from Paris, and of course some amazing food. No complaints.

The second time I came here was in 2015, and Eve and I had an amazing time. We went to the Opera, ate lots of traditional Viennese foods, and stayed with a good friend of my dad’s, Rieni. He owns a few eastern furniture stores in Vienna, and we stayed up on the hills surrounding the city. It was beautiful to be in the countryside but still go into the city, I recommend that for anyone thinking of visiting. We had a lovely Christmas dinner with his family, and I learned about some amazing dishes that I had never seen before: Semolina dumplings with beef broth, Beef roulades braised in gravy with special herbs, chestnut paste with whipped cream, and more. Vienna is one of the cleanest, classiest, and most beautiful cities in Europe.

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