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Eve and I had to leave Peru to reset our Visa's, because we were there for too damn long. To extend our stay in Peru, we decided to fly over to Mexico for a few weeks. First stop was Mexico city, where we found hip little areas saturated in delicious street foods. From there, to Tulum, where we swam with turtles, and in Cenotes, underground caves filled with water. Tulum is a food hotspot in Mexico despite it also being a touristy getaway. We found that it had something for everyone, with lush hotels and top dining locations to badass tortilla stands and fresh coconuts on the corner. The beaches were gorgeous. Speaking of top dining, we were thrilled to experience "Hartwood", a restaurant on the ocean which uses local ingredients, cooks everything with fire, and is almost off the grid in sustainability. We had one of the best meals of our lives here. Slow cooked pork.. check them out here. Funny story, we were so into our meal that we did not even realize we had parked in a bad spot, had our car towed ("don't worry babe we must have just forgotten where we parked it, just a little more" and got our car back after riding shotgun in the cop car and witnessing several criminals being taken down.. I.E. being a guest on the Mexican version of the show "cops." The next morning we flew to Oaxaca, the food capital of Mexico. Here, we sampled endless new foods, including but not limited to: Insect taco stands, halls of smoke with grill stands working together to assemble your taco, exotic kinds of Mezcal and chef's tasting menus, market places boasting overwhelming amounts of produce variety, and more. After flying back to Mexico city, we are reset for another several months of living in the Peruvian mountains, and to be honest, we will greatly miss Mexico. It really was not long enough.

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